Photo by Brian Rozman

Jaye Thomas and Lisa Poszywak of Detroit’s Rogue Satellites started working together in 2011. Since then, their evolving post-punk sound has been captured on two full-length records, Other Angels (2013) and Bees and Snakes (2015), as well as a 7”, entitled Double A Side (2014).

Their most recent album, Bees and Snakes (recorded as Space Camp Studios) draws influence from 60's psychedelic pop as well as late 70's post-punk. Dark, noisy, pop songs abound, the album is an epic whole comprised of succinct parts. The tracks have a raw, organic feel, while making use of negative space and clean lines. The lyrical content moves between the real and the surreal, exploring dark psychological themes.

Currently, Rogue Satellites is wrapping up the recording of their forthcoming full length album, Black Wings, to be released in 2018. 

  Photo by Brain Rozman